Les in a 70's photo of the 

    original  Broadway cast

            of "Beatlemania               

     Stage shot from the 70's of the cast

  portrayal of the Beatles with their late

                     60's look and music

      Les Fradkin in Concert performing a Tribute Show to George Harrison.  In honor of            George Harrison's Birthday, February 25 th., we have booked a Tribute Show to                     George starring Les Fradkin.  Les starred as George in over 1,000 performances on            Broadway in the '70's hit musical, "Beatlemania".  Les will bring his George Harrison        Tribute Show to the McMahon Memorial Auditorium on Saturday, February 25, 2017 at        7:30 P.M. Lawton, Ok. General Admission $25. Tickets available at the McMahon Box                                             office Daily, or on-line at the link above.  


   Les is ranked by "Reverb Nation" as one of the greatest Guitar players in         the world.  See the videos of Les performing on the Guitar below.

   Les starred as George Harrison.  This video also features Mitch Weissman        who played Paul McCartney.  Justin McNeill (Not in this clip.) played Ringo      in the original opening night Broadway cast of, "Beatlemania".  The above                                            clip is from "The Merv Griffin TV Show.

 The above video is a tune Les wrote for the late '60's group,   "The Left Banke" (of "Walk Away Renee' " fame) The video                                   is an animated type format.

"Reverb Nation" as one of the top guitarist -